Politweet Insights is a system offering access to our automated reports on tweets from users in Malaysia and research topics related to Malaysia.

In the future (2024) we plan to include detailed statistics of Malaysia's 14th General Election (2018) showing party support by ethnic group and age group for each polling district, state assembly (DUN) seat and Parliament seat.

If you are interested in paid access to our data, please contact Ahmed Kamal at or

Twitter Research Areas Available

Tweets from Malaysia

From May 2021 - February 2023 we collected over 700 million tweets from 520,563 Twitter users based in Malaysia. This covered all content that they tweeted, not just political content.

Here you can view monthly reports highlighting top retweeted content based on different criteria.

These reports are useful to better understand what content gains the most traction with users in Malaysia based on language, urban development category (urban / semi-urban / rural) or state.


Monthly reports on mentions of Pakatan and PH by users in Malaysia from Oct 2015 - February 2023. Statistics for months before May 2021 are less detailed. Not all mentions of Pakatan or PH refer to Pakatan Rakyat or Pakatan Harapan.


Monthly reports on mentions of Government/Kerajaan by users in Malaysia from May 2021 - February 2023. Not all mentions of government by users in Malaysia refer to the Malaysian government.

Cost of Living

Monthly reports on mentions of cost of living by users in Malaysia from May 2021 - February 2023. This covers both general terms ('harga sara hidup') and specific terms ('harga ikan','harga barang' etc.).