From the 24th – 28th of April 2015, Malaysia will be hosting the 26th ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. In the week leading up to the summit, a number of ASEAN-related events are being held in Malaysia. We have been tracking keywords and hashtags associated with ASEAN and prepared a summary of the most-shared content and most popular users on Twitter for April 22nd.

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Top Mentions

Top Media

Twitter Community

This network graph shows how users tweeting about ASEAN (and related events) were connected to each other on April 22nd 2015 (UTC +8). There are 3,666 users in this network.


Each user is represented as a node (circle) that is sized based on the number of tweets they sent to other users, and retweets of their own tweets. Large nodes are users who generated content that was shared and drew attention from other users. The nodes are also coloured based on a popularity scale from blue (low) to yellow, orange, red and purple (high). Nodes are connected to each other if they tweet to each other or retweet each other. Repeated interactions between users are represented as thicker lines.

Ranked by popularity, the top 20 users were:

  1. @aseanpf
  2. @asean
  3. @detikcom
  4. @seapabkk
  5. @debbiestot
  6. @ezrenahussain
  7. @iwraw_ap
  8. @pangkheeteik
  9. @twt_kesihatan
  10. @cij_malaysia
  11. @sebheupdate
  12. @nicadoom
  13. @frida_ab
  14. @mpklang
  15. @akademibelia
  16. @aseancom2015
  17. @jcptwinkle
  18. @empowermalaysia
  19. @apwld
  20. @renchung
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