Opinions about hudud continued to be expressed on Twitter along with criticism of the BFM video presenter (Aisyah Tajuddin) on March 21st. One popular phrase was widely tweeted and retweeted, as seen in the samples below:

The following tweets represent a selection of the most popular tweets about hudud on March 21st. News announcements, spam and repetitive text/opinions have been removed. The following opinions were commonly repeated:

  1. Stating that supporting hudud is mandatory for Muslims, and non-Muslims need not fear it because it does not apply to them.
  2. Stating that hudud is Allah’s Law
  3. Criticising Muslims who criticise/don’t support hudud
  4. Criticising Aisyah Tajuddin for the BFM video

For popular tweets about hudud on March 19th, visit this link.

For popular tweets about hudud on March 20th, visit this link.

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