Singapore’s founding father and first Prime Minister, Mr.Lee Kuan Yew passed away at 3.18 AM on March 23rd 2015. What follows are statistics and a selection of popular tweets about Lee Kuan Yew shared by users online in response to the news. Tweets from news agencies have been filtered out of the list. For a list of business services that we provide please visit our main site.



We collected a total of 309,452 tweets sent by 136,267 users about Lee Kuan Yew during the day. This graph shows the tweets-per-minute from the moment the news broke at 4.06 AM via a tweet from the current Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr.Lee Hsien Loong (see below). The peak was 770 tweets-per-minute from 717 users at 4.52 AM.

Popular Media

Popular Mentions

Conversations on Twitter


This image shows part of a network diagram that visualises how users were talking about Lee Kuan Yew on Twitter. The thumbnail in the bottom-right shows the scale of the network. Each node represents a user, and nodes are connected if they tweet replies to each other. @TheEconomist was the most prominent user in this network, indicating that they tweeted content that sparked conversations.

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