On August 12th 2014 Tan Sri Khalid (Selangor Menteri Besar) announced that he had fired all six state executive councillors (exco) from PKR and DAP. This action followed the announcement by the six state executive councillors that all decisions made by the exco be put to a vote, in order to limit the functions of the Menteri Besar. Following this the exco chose to recognise the termination as illegal and pledged to continue working as usual.

The following list of tweets were the most popular responses to the announcement of the termination of the state exco on Twitter, based on the data that we collected.

News Sources

1. DAP, PKR excos agree on voting before any Selangor decision (The Malaysian Insider, August 12th 2014)

2. Selangor MB sacks 6 PKR, DAP exco members (New Straits Times, August 13th 2014)

3. Khalid flexes muscle, sacks PKR, DAP excos (The Malay Mail Online, August 12th 2014)

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