During the recent by-election in P76.Teluk Intan we have been collecting data from both Facebook and Twitter. Keywords based on the campaign and name of the candidates Dyana Sofya (PR/DAP) and Mah Siew Keong (BN/GERAKAN) were used.

Mah Siew Keong won the seat with a majority of 238 votes.

The following social media statistics and most-shared posts/tweets are based on what was posted on May 31st 2014 (polling day). Please note that for Facebook we are limited to only public posts, and only a daily sample of what was shared. For Twitter we work with a live stream of data, so there is no sampling issue there.

This post covers both Facebook and Twitter content.

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Teluk Intan Social Media Stats

1. Facebook Statistics

Note: ‘Public posts’ refer to public shares of public content. Likes are under-reported because Facebook does not provide a total like count per-post. We are limited to a maximum of 25 likes per-post.

Total shares refer to the number of public and private shares for a given post (re-sharing). Total share statistics are also under-reported because Facebook did not provide a share count for all photos.

For example, 380 photos shared 1,070 times with 540 total shares means there were 1,070 Facebook posts in total, that were in turn shared 540 times. The 380 photos may have been shared across 1,610 posts (1070+540). However we have no details on the 540 total shares, which may include some of the original 1,070 posts that we obtained.

1.1 About Dyana Sofya:

  • 488 public posts by 400 users
  • 4,822 total shares of public posts
  • 2,098 likes of public posts
  • Public posts are divided into:
    • 252 status posts by 215 users (241 total shares)
    • 96 photos posted/shared 135 times by 114 users (76 total shares)
    • 13 videos posted/shared 57 times by 56 users (2,757 total shares)
    • 29 links posted/shared 44 times by 26 users (1,748 total shares)

1.2 About Mah Siew Keong

  • 154 public posts by 108 users
  • 1,532 total shares of public posts
  • 1,456 likes of public posts
  • Public posts are divided into:

    • 96 status posts by 75 users (259 total shares)
    • 30 photos posted/shared 32 times by 27 users (139 total shares)
    • 4 videos posted/shared 4 times by 4 users (4 total shares)
    • 16 links posted/shared 22 times by 8 users (1,130 total shares)

Data collection on Mah Siew Keong was difficult due to a lack of public posts mentioning his name and campaign hashtags. There were promotional campaign posts, however these relied on words present in the image. Such posts did not contain they keywords that we were looking for, and were not included in this summary.

We calculate ‘most shared content’ based on the number of posts collected and the number of reported re-sharing of those posts (shares of shares). For each candidate we have listed the most shared videos, photos and links to external sites.

2. Most Shared Videos on Facebook

2.1 About Dyana Sofya

2,047 total shares (link)


455 total shares (link)


160 total shares (link)


52 total shares (link)


29 total shares (link)


2.2 About Mah Siew Keong

16 total shares (link)


4 total shares (link)


3. Most Shared Photos on Facebook

Analysis was done based on public shares as total share-count was not provided for most photos. We sought to include photos that had the highest share-count as reported on Facebook’s website.

3.1 About Dyana Sofya

7 public shares (link)


5 public shares (link)


4 public shares (link)


3.2 About Mah Siew Keong

2 public shares (link)


2 public shares (link)


4. Most Shared Links to External Sites on Facebook

Total shares were used to perform ranking.

4.1 About Dyana Sofya

“Dyana tewas: Penyokong DAP kecewa, ramai menangis”, KiniTV, 825 total shares

“Ahli Parlimen pakai baju logo BN masuk pusat mengundi, kata Dyana Sofya”, The Malaysian Insider, 228 total shares

“Dyana Sofya belum cukup mantap, kata Dr Asri”, Free Malaysia Today, 178 total shares

“Dyana terus jadi tumpuan pada hari pengundian”, KiniTV, 101 total shares

“Dyana: Mah hanya menang sekitar 200 undi”, KiniTV, 89 total shares

“Lebih 10 ribu banjiri ceramah kemuncak DAP”, KiniTV, 49 total shares

“Pekerja kempen BN halang media ambil risalah anti-Dyana”, KiniTV, 30 total shares

4.2 About Mah Siew Keong

“7:50 PM: Gerakan claims narrow victory”, KiniTV, 145 total shares

“Dyana: Mah hanya menang sekitar 200 undi”, KiniTV, 89 total shares

“Rasmi: Mah menang tipis di Teluk Intan”, KiniTV, 56 total shares

“Mah tak boleh tidur, terima apa keputusan sekali pun”, KiniTV, 5 total shares

5. Twitter Statistics

Dyana Sofya had a personal Twitter account at @dyanasmd. Mah Siew Keong did not have a Twitter account.

5.1 About Dyana Sofya:

  • 10,922 tweets by 5,689 users
  • 360 spammed tweets by 152 users

5.2 About Mah Siew Keong

  • 5,441 tweets by 3,459 users
  • 301 spammed tweets by 209 users

Media ranking was done by the number of users sharing the URL of the photo, not the number of retweets received.

Mention ranking was done by the number of users sharing the retweeted text of the original tweet. This is due to users’ common practice of manually retweeting tweets by a ‘copy and paste’ method. Results announcements were excluded from the listings, to focus more on opinions and statements.

6. Top Mentions on Twitter

6.1 About Dyana Sofya

6.2 About Mah Siew Keong

7. Top Media on Twitter

7.1 About Dyana Sofya

7.2 About Mah Siew Keong