During the current by-election in P76.Teluk Intan we have been collecting data from both Facebook and Twitter. Keywords based on the campaign and name of the candidates Dyana Sofya (PR/DAP) and Mah Siew Keong (BN/GERAKAN) were used.

The following Facebook statistics and most-shared posts are based on the first week of the campaign, May 19th – May 26th. Please note that we are limited to only public posts, and only a daily sample of what was shared.

From our previous analysis (read here) it is clear that social media usage will not have a big impact on the by-election results. Popularity on Facebook or Twitter are not going to be an indication of which party wins.

However it is an indication of what campaign messages received the most traction with users online, and this analysis can help future campaigners on a national level.

Please read our Teluk Intan GE13 Analysis for an idea of PR and BN’s odds in this by-election.

1. Facebook Statistics

Note: ‘Public posts’ refer to public shares of public content. Likes are under-reported because Facebook does not provide a total like count per-post. We are limited to a maximum of 25 likes per-post.

Total shares refer to the number of public and private shares for a given post (re-sharing). Total share statistics are also under-reported because Facebook did not provide a share count for all photos.

For example, 380 photos shared 1,070 times with 540 total shares means there were 1,070 Facebook posts in total, that were in turn shared 540 times. The 380 photos may have been shared across 1,610 posts (1070+540). However we have no details on the 540 total shares, which may include some of the original 1,070 posts that we obtained.

1.1 About Dyana Sofya:

  • 2,998 public posts by 1,791 users
  • 19,598 total shares of public posts
  • 9,224 likes of public posts
  • Public posts are divided into:
    • 619 status posts by 448 users (1,061 total shares)
    • 380 photos posted/shared 1,070 times by 851 users (540 total shares)
    • 113 videos posted/shared 417 times by 360 users (4,632 total shares)
    • 400 links posted/shared 892 times by 238 users (13,365 total shares)

1.2 About Mah Siew Keong

  • 362 public posts by 196 users
  • 2,831 total shares of public posts
  • 2,554 likes of public posts
  • Public posts are divided into:

    • 96 status posts by 67 users (293 total shares)
    • 118 photos posted/shared 150 times by 95 users (58 total shares)
    • 25 videos posted/shared 49 times by 24 users (347 total shares)
    • 50 links posted/shared 67 times by 27 users (2,133 total shares)

Data collection on Mah Siew Keong was difficult due to a lack of public posts mentioning his name. There were promotional campaign posts, however these relied on words present in the image. Such posts did not contain they keywords that we were looking for, and were not included in this summary.

We calculate ‘most shared content’ based on the number of posts collected and the number of reported re-sharing of those posts (shares of shares). For each candidate we have listed the most shared videos, photos and links to external sites.

2. Most Shared Videos

2.1 About Dyana Sofya

1,820 total shares (1,349 total shares from this post, plus 471 more shares from a repost on a different Page) (link)


524 total shares (link)


291 total shares (link)


272 total shares (link)


2.2 About Mah Siew Keong

158 total shares (link)


75 total shares (link)


101 total shares (66 total shares from this post, plus 35 more shares from a different Page)(link)


3. Most Shared Photos

Analysis was done based on public shares as total share-count was not provided for most photos. We sought to include photos that had the highest share-count as reported on Facebook’s website.

3.1 About Dyana Sofya

32 public shares (link)


68 public shares (link)


19 public shares (link)


3.2 About Mah Siew Keong

9 public shares (link)


6 public shares (link)


4 public shares (link)


4. Most Shared Links to External Sites

Total shares were used to perform ranking.

4.1 About Dyana Sofya

“Kita perlu lebih ramai Dyana Sofya dalam politik, kata Marina Mahathir”, The Malaysian Insider, 1,127 total shares

“Anak Mahathir puji Dyana Sofya”, Malaysiakini, 798 total shares

“Saya cuba didik jadi Mukhriz, tetapi membesar jadi Marina, kata ibu Dyana kepada Dr Mahathir”, The Malaysian Insider, 706 total shares

“UiTM bukan milik UMNO, ia milik rakyat – Dyana Sofya”, Astro Awani, 702 total shares

“Ibu Dyana Sofia jawab kenyataan Dr. Mahathir”, Astro Awani, 679 total shares

“Naib Canselor UiTM jawab Dyana, pelajar UiTM dipilih berdasarkan merit”, The Malaysian Insider, 563 total shares

4.2 About Mah Siew Keong

“Pembangunan untuk Teluk Intan hanya jika BN menang”, KiniTV, 1,011 total shares

“Saya tahu siapa tak undi, kata Zahid pada RELA”, Malaysiakini, 327 total shares

“Saya tahu siapa tak undi, kata Zahid pada RELA”, KiniTV, 319 total shares

“KJ: Dyana muka baru, tiada pengalaman politik”, KiniTV, 117 total shares

“Dr Ling: Dyana sangat cantik, petah, ada peluang 50-50”, KiniTV, 75 total shares

“BN umum manifesto, Mah tawar universiti”, KiniTV, 71 total shares