#Kangkung was a Malaysian social media meme that started yesterday on January 13th 2014. It was prompted by a brief video clip of Prime Minister Najib Razak giving a speech as seen below (from minute 0:46 onwards):

In the video, the PM spoke about the price fluctuation of goods and questioned why the government gets criticised when prices increase but doesn’t get praised when prices decrease. He then gave the example of kangkung (water spinach) that had recently dropped in price. Netizens responded with all kinds of mocking statements and images deriding the PM for this statement, primarily using the hashtag #Kangkung.

While we did not specifically monitor the hashtags related to this meme while it was spreading, we do monitor keywords related to Malaysian politics. Based on this we compiled the following lists of popular tweets. Ranking was based on the number of users who shared the content on Twitter, and divided between media  and mentions (tweets without media).

Top Mentions

Top Media


We collected #Kangkung-specific tweets later in the day and found that despite thousands of tweets per hour, #Kangkung did not officially trend in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur. However UMNO did trend for 150 minutes with a much lower volume of tweets. It is possible that kangkung is a common word that cannot trend on Twitter.

Top Mentions ranking is based on the number of users who retweeted the tweet. Top Media ranking is based on the number of users who shared the URL of the photo. Content shared or retweeted by automated spammers is filtered out.

Shares reflect the number of times the content was shared on Twitter during the reported period. Our system does ranking by URL and tweet text and filters it for spammers. This uncovers content that would not be found going by RT count alone, because users often copy and paste tweet text instead of retweeting.

We then perform ranking based on the number of users to emphasise the number of users reached.

The date/timestamp displayed in the tweet may not conform to your time-zone. To confirm, hover your mouse over the date/timestamp and the UTC+0 timestamp should appear. You can then adjust the timestamp accordingly.

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