A protest rally was held on New Year’s Eve 2013 at Dataran Merdeka, to protest the rising cost of living that is expected to increase further in 2014. Promoters of the event used the hashtags #RPDM31D (that we believe to mean Rakyat Pilih Dataran Merdeka), #RPDM31Dec and #TURUN.

We monitored the event on Twitter and collected 21,923 tweets from 8,600 users. Based on this we compiled the following lists of popular tweets. Ranking was based on the number of users who shared the content on Twitter, and divided between media, links and mentions (tweets without links/media).

Disclaimer: Please remember that the tweets in this list may be misinformation, whether deliberate or unintentional.

Top Mentions

Top Media

Top Links


Top Mentions ranking is based on the number of users who retweeted the tweet. Top Media and Top Links ranking is based on the number of users who shared the URL. Content shared or retweeted by automated spammers is filtered out.

Shares reflect the number of times the content was shared on Twitter during the reported period. Our system does ranking by URL and tweet text and filters it for spammers. This uncovers content that would not be found going by RT count alone. We then perform ranking based on the number of users to emphasise the number of users reached.

The date/timestamp displayed in the tweet may not conform to your time-zone. To confirm, hover your mouse over the date/timestamp and the UTC+0 timestamp should appear. You can then adjust the timestamp accordingly.

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