#DebatSinar was a debate on ‘Whether street demonstrations strengthen or weaken democracy’ between @SaifuddinAbd (UMNO) and Salahuddin Ayub (PAS). It was organised by @SinarOnline and started at 9.00 PM. Hashtags used were #DebatSinar and #DebatDemo.

#DebatKini was a debate on ‘Is Malaysian democracy moving forward?’ between @SivarasaRasiah (PKR), @MParitBuntar (PAS), @MPKotaBelud (UMNO) and @GanPingSieu (MCA). It was organised by @Malaysiakini and started at 7.30 PM. Hashtags used were #Debatkini.

Statistics shown are from 7pm – 1am, 19th June 2012.

A total of 96 users wrote 368 tweets about #DebatKini. #DebatKini was less mentioned partly due to the lack of promotion on Twitter and lack of live twitter coverage by the organiser.

A total of 431 users wrote 1347 tweets about #DebatSinar. #DebatSinar benefited from live tv coverage, live twitter coverage by the organiser and heavier promotion on Twitter.

Politicians were not mentioned much during the #Debatkini debate. The BN politicians received 204 mentions while the PR politicians received 93 mentions.

Follower gains from the event (Username, Change, Difference):

@MPKotaBelud, 9598 -> 9610 (+12)
@GanPingSieu, 1798 -> 1808 (+10)
@SaifuddinAbd, 10534 -> 10605 (+71)

@SivarasaRasiah, 9437 -> 9453 (+16)
@MParitBuntar, 121 -> 123 (+2)

None of the hashtags used (#DebatSinar, #DebatDemo, #Debatkini) trended in Malaysia.