#DebatPTPTN was a debate on the PTPTN student loan scheme between @RafiziRamli (PKR) and @KhairyKJ (UMNO). It was organised by @SinarOnline. Statistics shown are from 9pm – 3am.

A total of 6,693 users wrote 17,611 tweets about the event. It peaked between 11pm-12am, with 7,513 mentions by 3,788 users. In total, @KhairyKJ was mentioned 6,569 times by 3,241 users and @RafiziRamli was mentioned 4,013 times by 1,936 users.

Interest can be roughly gauged by dividing mentions by users. @RafiziRamli had a slightly higher level of interest compared to @KhairyKJ, and gained 1,555 followers. @KhairyKJ gained 1,029 followers.Sentiment is hard to gauge due to supporters from both sides giving biased reporting. A brief survey of the tweets showed that:1. Users accused both debaters of being too focused on politics and accusations, and going off-topic
2. People were more focused on Khairy and Rafizi’s ability to answer questions rather than the answers themselves
3. There was not much discussion or comments on the ideas being discussed

Twitter Trends

‘PTPTN’ trended at 6th place at 11pm for 10 minutes.

In KL, ‘Rafizi’ trended at 6th place at 11.40pm, until reaching 3rd place at 2am. Rafizi continued to trend until 8.30am, by which time he had dropped to 4th place.

In Malaysia, ‘Rafizi’ trended at 10th place at 11pm, reaching 2nd place at 1.40am. He stopped trending at 8.30am, ending at 3rd place.

No other Malaysian or KL trends were relevant to this debate.

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