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Our Database of Users in Malaysia

State (Malaysia) Users
Johor 60,000
Kedah 27,000
Kelantan 16,000
Klang Valley 268,000
Labuan 1,000
Melaka 21,000
Negeri Sembilan 20,000
Pahang 26,000
Putrajaya 8,000
Perlis 5,000
Penang 26,000
Perak 29,000
Sabah 21,000
Sarawak 20,000
Terengganu 17,000
Total 565,000

Are you interested in doing research using Twitter data?

We currently have a database of over 560,000 Twitter users based in Malaysia. Work with us to leverage this data for use in your research whether it is for academic purposes or marketing purposes. With this data you can:

  • Filter tweets containing common search terms to get only Malaysia-related content
  • Look at monthly trending content to better understand the Malaysian market
  • Identify Twitter users who are popular with users in Malaysia based on criteria such as matching keywords or followers of specified accounts

Besides Malaysia we also have developed a location-based classifier for use on global users, and a state-based classifier for USA-based users. If you need to filter your data to show content from users in specific countries, we can provide that service for you.

We only provide data on a consulting basis based on the nature of your campaign. We do not provide any personal tweets or location-based history for individual users.

Find Local Content and Influencers

Our database enables us to monitor common keywords and filter tweets to get local Malaysian content. If you do not have a Twitter data collection solution we can provide that as well.

The network graphs below show how users tweeting about a topic are connected by retweets and replies. By filtering the network against our database, the non-Malaysian accounts (highlighted in red) disappear. This makes it easy to see prominent influencers.

Here are some examples of filtering global tweets to find local content:

Without filtering, this was the top tweet in mentions of Mcdonalds between Apr-May 2019.

After filtering tweets against our database we can easily see top Malaysian content.

Sentiment Analysis

We have developed a generalised sentiment analysis system for Malaysian tweets which we make use of for our research and twitter monitoring services. In this example we show sentiment analysis for tweets mentioning then-Prime Minister Najib Razak in urban and rural constituencies.

This is effective for high volume conversations where there is little divergence of opinion. For deeper analysis we would recommend user opinion analyses.

User Opinion Analysis

We specialise in studying and evaluating conversations on Twitter to discover and measure opinions on political and social issues.

Our approach reveals insights that can’t be found in surveys or automated sentiment analysis.

What we do is examine individual user timelines to establish the contributing factors to their final expressed opinion on an issue.

We perform balanced sampling based on the distribution of users by state. This helps reduce the impact of high-population states on the final result, giving us a better understanding of popular opinion on an issue.

Election Results Analysis and Forecasting

We have done detailed research on how Malaysians voted in previous elections using a combination of electoral results, previous electoral rolls and social media.

Our analyses and statistics make it possible to measure support by race and age group for Federal constituencies (Parliament seats) in Malaysia.

By performing analyses between elections, we can measure the ‘swing’ or shift in support.

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