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Twitter Monitoring Solutions

Need to collect tweets, but don't know how?

We offer customised Twitter monitoring solutions on a consulting basis for anyone needing to monitor Twitter for mentions of their topic of interest. We will work with you to collect the data you need in the format you require.

Some examples of Twitter monitoring uses are:

  1. Doing research on Twitter
  2. Brand monitoring
  3. Online campaign monitoring
  4. Location-based market research

Twitter Users in Malaysia

A Google Street View screen capture showing users tweeting in the vicinity of this store-front

Find users near your place of business

Using geo-tagged tweets we can identify users who frequent your store's area. This will require data collection over a select period of time on a region you define. These users can then be targeted using Twitter Ads.

If your business is located in Malaysia we currently have data on over 600,000 users. We can even identify users who are potentially local to your area.

If you are looking to start a business in Malaysia that leverages on social media marketing, we also have maps showing areas that have a high number of Twitter users.

Malaysian Twitter Demographics

A heatmap showing user density in each state, from a scale of red (many) to light yellow (few)

Learn more about Malaysian users

Work with us to find areas with a high population of Twitter users within each state. We offer access to detailed maps with anonymised data showing where users are most concentrated.

We can provide lists of users with the most followers for any region you define. We can then prepare a report on their peak tweeting periods and the type of content that they often share.

Twitter Follower Analysis

A visualisation of the relationship between NST Online and Star Online's followers on Twitter

Want to know more about your followers?

We can perform an analysis on any public Twitter account, giving you basic details about its followers.

Use these details to identify key followers and run follow-up analyses on what they like to tweet about; who they follow; and what time they often tweet.

Addtional services that we provide are:

  • Measuring the activity level of your followers over time by running repeated follower analysis.
  • Performing the analysis on competitor's and affiliate accounts to define your overlapping markets and identify key followers of other accounts who are not following you.
  • Performing the analysis on followers-of-followers, giving you a visualisation of different clusters within each social network.
  • Isolating potential bots and spammers among followers based on tweeting patterns.

Our follower analysis provide a way to perform targeted marketing as well as measuring the performance of different accounts within a brand or industry.

Facebook Market Research

A sample of different markets and their affinity for a specific brand (Digi)

Understand your market better

We can collect Facebook statistics for you on major brands, celebrities, political parties and general topics, divided by age and gender for your country. Measure the interest of your audience to help your ad targeting.

Our statistics make it possible for you to identify the best potential markets based on their audience's respective affinity for your brand.

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