About Us

Politweet is a non-partisan research firm analysing interactions among Malaysians using social media. We have been monitoring politics and activism on Twitter since 2009 and expanded to include Facebook starting December 2012.

Our work is focused on:

  1. Researching the socio-economic and political interest of Malaysians. Some research areas are:
    • Determining the number of Malaysians interested in politics and domestic issues on Twitter/Facebook
    • Estimating the partisanship of Malaysians on Twitter/Facebook
    • What topics get the most response?
    • The effectiveness of social movements on Twitter/Facebook
    • Creating a predictive model to identify trends
    • Discovering behaviour patterns and social groups within the Twitterverse
    • Establishing metrics to describe influence
    • Identifying influential Malaysians and politicians on Twitter
  2. Developing analytical tools for Twitter research
  3. Creating interactive, data-driven sites about socio-economic and political topics

If you are interested in using our Twitter and GoogleMaps expertise for your own business (event coverage, brand monitoring, follower census etc.), or assisting in Twitter-related research work, please email us at admin@politweet.org.

Other contact details and resources

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